Tuesday, March 29, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Saturday, March 26th marked the 69th birthday of James W. Troy. Although he'd like to avoid the whole occasion, we celebrated in true Troy tradition....a family barbeque. The evening was documented through the lens of Ryan MacDonald.
The evening started as most do around this place....


The entertainment.

Pouring for the masses.

The big surprise....a bagpipe reed pinata made by the capable hands of Colin Magee...

Half the family was brave enough to be on the ground while JW was blindfolded and wielding a stick.

The smarter half observed from afar.

Clearly a dangerous situation.

JW makes contact.

The remnants.

Candy, do-rags, model cars, temporary tattoos...

JW = one happy badass.

JP gets in on the tattoo action.

JWT Reedmakers standard issue temporary tattoos.

I wholeheartedly enjoyed every minute of giving the wee ones their first tattoos.

Just before the brutalization of 'Happy Birthday' by the entire Watling clan. He wasn't smiling afterward. :)

Even Momma Troy gets inked for the evening.

What a fun evening! There was only one causality...a wine glass destroyed by yours truly....but all in all, the evening ended peacefully with tequila and whisky. Can't wait to see what Colin has in mind for next year!!!