Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taking Care of Business

Jamie and I were lucky enough to get some time with John Fisher last week. Since August is creeping up quick, we needed to get some chips solidified for the MSRs for the Spirit of Scotland drum corps. Cutting it close I know, but that's how this show runs.
It was great how quickly things came together and so amazing how, just in that short time, John's demeanour and musicality got us both pumped up. Everything that he plays feels so right and fits so well with the melody therefore making it so much easier to play in general.
Armed with coffee, a ghettoblaster, scores and pencils, we set out to create some magic....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Scotland USA

Last weekend was spent in Bellingham, Washington for the first contest of June 2008. Not only were we there for the Games but to visit with great friends. Bellingham is a happening place when you have a tour guide that knows just the perfect place for a perfect pint (the place was called Uisce - Gaelic for water) as well as a wicked Thai restaurant that employed probably the most entertaining waiter in the Pacific Northwest.
On the day, amid wind and rain, James P. snagged a 2nd, 4th and 5th in Piobaireachd, Hornpipe/Jig and MSR respectively, in addition to playing for a number of drummers and judging ensemble for the band contest.
Full Results can be found at:

Between both Jr. and Sr., they will be covering a number of the games this season. As for June - James P. will be heading to Alberta next weekend to judge at Ellersie and Red Deer. Put in your orders now - he may be able to deliver reeds straight to you!
BC Highland Games on the 28th weekend is also on the schedule for both as judges - and James P. and I will be on the boards to compete. Stay tuned!

Until then,

In Honour of Georgetown...

Congratulations to the Hamilton Police Pipe Band for winning Grade 2 at the Georgetown Highland Games in Ontario this weekend. They are firm supporters of JWT Reedmakers, playing our product throughout their highly successful seasons in Grade 3 and now in Grade 2. P/M Peter Aumonier is a long time family friend....more like family really...taking lessons from James W., playing in City of Victoria PB for years and housing us Troy kids at various times during our stays in Toronto. He's the king of the pep talk and is notorious for getting people fired up. Not to mention his unforgettable motivational quotes. And we love him for it. As his parents still reside here in Victoria, he stops in from time to time. Not too long ago, Peter arrived at the shop door, wine bottle in hand ready for some killer reeds to take back to the kids in Hamilton to blow in. (Tone Sandwich - you bring the bread and I'll bring the meat).
Here are some pictures from that day....

Jamie takes a turn while Pete tunes some drones.

After business is taken care of...

Thanks to Ryan ( for documenting the afternoon.
As the contest season is well underway, we're all practicing, competing and playing hard. We'd love to hear of your successes and/or adventures throughout the season, wherever you are! Feel free to drop us a comment or even an email.
Good luck and keep those drones tuned!