Friday, October 22, 2010

Let me summarize for you...

We are now just getting to some posts that are looooooonng overdue. Sincere apologies for being bad bloggers - definitely not for lack of postable material but with the traveling, contests, workshops, new machine parts in the shop and just trying to grasp time to relax, this sorrily fell by the wayside. James P. was the most traveled Troy in the last few months being lucky enough to go to Italy to teach the Bagpipe Italian Group as well as spend some time before that doing the Scottish solo contest scene. Below is a summary of Scotland Trip #3 this year for James P:

After two weeks rest from the madness of Worlds Week and the craziness of having to leave me in the Glasgow Infirmary, James P. returned back to Glasgow to start a ten day solo piping venture, starting with the Argyllshire Gathering. Day Two of the event saw great results for the West Coast/Pacific Northwest competitors including James P. placing first in the B Grade Strathspey and Reel. Nice work to Jack and Andrew Lee as well as Will Nichols!
Days before the Argyllshire Gathering was Crieff - although James P. was not there, JWT Reedmakers had great representation from Alex Gandy, coming out on top in the MSR. Many thanks to pipes|drums for being on top of the results, with a full listing of that contest. Jori Chisholm was included in that prize list as well. Alex also did very well on Day One of the Argyllshire Gathering with a 4th in the Silver Medal and later, a 3rd in the A Grade MSR (see full result listing link below) at the Northern Meeting! As stated in an earlier post, Alex won the 2010 Pipe Idol contest during the week of the Worlds. Check out his performance (thanks to piperbob2 for the footage):

Next up was the Cowal Highland Gathering. A full listing of A and B Grade results found here. - lots of great performances and results from the North Americans with James P. again pulling out a first in the Strathspey and Reel. A pattern started to emerge and his S/R playing was certainly must have been from playing for all of those highland dancing contests over the years!
The Glenurquhart Highland Games in lovely Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness followed. The hike in the Highlands must have proven beneficial as James P. gained prizes in each event played.

In this picture are good friends and fellow pipers, Sean McKeown, Andrew Hayes and James and Kylie MacHattie....seemed that the fresh air helped everyone as the results from the Northern Meeting indicated! Big congratulations to go to Andrew Hayes for winning the Gold Medal and to Andrew Bonar for taking the Silver Medal. Results again can be found on pipes|drums. Not shown are the results from the B Grade in which James P. once again dominated the S/R event.
Another great showing from the North Americans...way to go boys!!!

Stay tuned for more including pictures and posts from JP's trip to Italy in September. Here's a taste from Urbania: